Another  funny and full of work day is over. We started study
session’s second day with Juliane’s introduction. After the first
icebreaking of the day, we started to work about the needs of hard of
hearing people, and it was a funny and a creative day for the

Working in groups on needs of HoH

Personally, I got learned lots of things about needs of
hard of hearing people, thanks to other participants. Everyone is
sharing their experiences, it is good to see that we have lots of
common needs.

Every group prepared sketch on their topic

In international coffee breaks, we had a chance to taste Slovakian,
Italian and Dutch foods. It was funny to watch Juraj when he tried to
cut very hard cheese with a small knife.

Participants also had a chance to learn more things about social and
human rights, non-formal education. All participants could talk with
various partners face-to-face in a carousel about social rights. It
was also good for to know each other, because we had to talk 6
different partners during 8 minutes.

Discussion in carousel

By Alper Coskun. Photos made by Andrea Pietrini.